Global success. With carbide and coatings.

We are dedicated to Carbide - from manufacturing blanks all the way to the finished final product, we offer one-stop carbide solutions.  Innovative coatings complement and complete our portfolio.  All while committed to true partnership and persistently forward thinking.

Dedicated to carbide

Wear optimization as a goal. Productivity as a result.

Whether standard or custom-made.  Whether serial or individual production – our carbide products and coatings always focus on ONE thing:
The efficiency of YOUR production.

Expertise in carbide

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Efficient processes. All from a single source.

Collectively grown know-how for more endurance and performance: all of our applied processes are cutting edge. They improve performance and longevity of your parts, tools, and components.

Carbide creates perspectives

Sophisticated industries. Convincing value added.

Carbide products and coatings by DURIT perform convincingly in all industries. Their broad and diverse range is nearly limitless. They create stability, durability and economic efficiency – world wide.


Individual customer service. Consequently improved.

As a progressive and future-oriented company we are focused on YOUR needs. DURIT’s customer service also contains all technical specifications and data sheets, as well as brochures, in several languages.


Ecologically or economically? Both!

Our corporation puts a strong emphasis on sustainability, with the clearly defined goal of becoming a climate neutral enterprise. Already today, a large portion of the power requirements of our manufacturing plants is generated and supplied by solar and photovoltaic systems.

Our corporate headquarters are equipped with environmentally friendly technologies, such as solar and heat pumps, to improve and optimize our energy consumption.  For several years we have added hybrid and electric vehicles to DURIT’s fleet, that can be charged locally with our own climate neutral charging stations.