The durit service center.

Added value as a service. Passion as a tool.
Fast communication and short response times are important to us. As a forward-looking company, we therefore combine administration, technical departments and service at one location. The advantage for our customers: we are able to process blanks and parts locally and ensure extremely short delivery.

With quicker response time we can instantly add noticeable value.
This is also reflected in the functionality of our building. Contemporary office spaces, bright conference rooms and open concept meeting points support our culture of close cooperation – consistently focused on the requirements of our customers.

Durit regrindingservice.

Fast and simple.
Metal processing at corporate headquarters.

With ourservice center, increased storage capacity and professional logistics stations we meet the demands of the future – this brings us closer to our customers. Your smaller repair jobs can be completed much faster. Wear parts can be upgraded in no time and prepared to meet tougher demands with ourregrinding service– fast and simple.

ceramic materials

» wear expertise thinked ahead
We don't just deal with carbide and coatings. We are also thinking of other wear-optimizing
MATERIALS AND MATERIALS,which we also develop for you.

» high performance ceramics – for special demands.
Ceramic materials are characterized by LOW DENSITY, HIGH HARDNESS, AND VERY GOOD TEMPERATURE AND CORROSION RESISTANCE.They improve the functionality of components and end products in numerous processes and product areas.

Due to their characteristics and properties, high-performance ceramics from DURIT can be used in a variety of ways.

Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3)
» high thermal conductivity
» high mechanical strength
» very good electrical isolation
» low friction
Silicon Nitride (Si3N4)
» very high strength
» thermal shock resistance
» good fracture toughness
» very low thermal expansion
Zirkonium Oxide (ZrO2)
» high wear resistance
» very good fracture toughness
» low thermal conductivity
» good corrosion resistance
Compressive strength
Young’s modulus
Thermal conductivity
20 °C (m/mK)
 Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3)3,91900240037030 
 Silicon Nitride (Si3N4)3,21750300030021 
 Zirkonium Oxide (ZrO2-MgO)5,6125017002052,0 
 Zirkonium Oxide (ZrO2-Y2O3)6,02135020001803,0 

Durit design anddevelopment.

Our customers make progress.
partially due to our progressive thinking.

Trends and new technologies in wear protection demand constantly improving quality of tools and parts
– the only way to achieve continuous economic efficiency of production and manufacturing processes. In this regard DURIT is an experienced and reliable partner for design, development and production of specialty tools to customer specifications.

When unique requests for wear resistance are made or a production process requires a tool material with increased pressure resistance, we are the right people to call. We focus our entire attention on the challenge of minimizing wear. The specific material property profile of our high-performance materials often unlocks new possibilities.

» Our cad-supported design department Develops unique solutions for your challenge. Talk to us!

Durit workshops.

Share knowledge.
Optimize workflows.

Technical workshops and foundation workshops for production managers, engineers and machine operators have a positive impact on the efficiency of production processes.
That means we do not only place great importance on the education and continuous training of our own personnel, but also on the development of technical expertise of our customers’ personnel. With
carbide workshops and specific product training we lay a foundation for your success!

From practice - for practice.
We will arrange workshops and training seminars about carbides, coatings and wear whenever desired. They are usually held with small groups.

From professionals - for professionals.
Experts in the subjects of carbides and wear protection provide in-depth instruction for your product. Even thereafter - the DURIT team of technical advisors is always by your side whenever there are questions.

All things importantavailable for download.

» From us – for you.
Below please find technical specifications and product data sheets, as well as brochures in multiple languages and more to Download